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A- Toolbar: Fast Connection Control

The easiest way to check whether a website or Server is reachable , using the ping command. With PING.EXE of Windows , you check the network connection to another station. Ping is thus particularly interesting for the fault diagnosis , because it not only can ping computer but any devices that have their own IP address,and check your apple a1185. Once a station is not responding to ping , all other network services do not work with this peer. Either there is a hardware malfunction , or the appropriate network settings are incorrect, or an agreement is not due to different protocols. For Web , FTP and news servers, you can find out with the Ping, whether the corresponding server is online at all .


More comfortable than with PING.EXE you use ping with the A- Toolbar. After starting the program, click on the round blue button , type in the address of the remote station to be checked in the "Host "and start the check with the ReturnButton. In addition to Ping keeps ready the selection bar of AToolbar still a lot of other Internet and desktop tools. Thus, the program offers , for example, port scanner, address lookup function , search engine mask , DNS Lookup , Whois , Google Page Rank and link manager. The desktop search, you can search the computer for emails and documents. The results shows the tool under "Result on Tabs . The starting block of the A -Toolbar settles on the taskbar on the desktop . You can minimize , if necessary , so that stands for the usual applications space.

Query Application and Etoolz : If fewer functions satisfy

Not quite as extensive as a toolbar , but is limited to the essentials of the English language Query Application. With the tool, you can ping server, the domain name to identify an IP , check to see who has registered a domain and determine the connection status of your PC and apple a1175. The test results of a total of 15 individual modules can be saved as a text file.

Who is looking for a possible simple IP -Check program access , for English Etoolz. The Freeware contains only the essential TCP / IP routines like Ping, NS Lookup , Trace Route and Whois. Good: The software also supports international domain names with umlauts. Enpacken Just the 1.2 MB archive and run the EXE file.

3D Traceroute List : the way of a data packet


The diagnosis Tracert.exe command determines the route of data packets to a destination by ICMP echo packets (Internet Control Message Protocol) broadcasts . Convenient than the command line you use with Tracert 3D Traceroute. The biggest difference from the old-fashioned Windows counterpart: The freeware will show you the way through the Internet to illustrate graphically. The graph generated by the tool provides information not only about the number of intermediate stations, but also about their reaction .

Based on the graphic you see at a glance if disturbances occur, and if so, where. Over a number of settings set up the video output according to your wishes.

Visual route sets , although not quite as complex 3D graphics, this is the readability of the diagrams a trick better than 3D Traceroute . Even with this tool , the user simply a URL or IP Adressse , and shortly afterwards shows VisualRoute , which stations run on the packages. At each station , the tool provides detailed information.

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Virtual disks in the VHD format played so far only for Microsoft 's virtualization software a role. For Windows 7, virtual hard disks to an important component for backups , XP -Mode , boot manager and disk management. The Home versions of Windows 7 after all a subset of control in dealing with VHD images.


The VHD format (Virtual Hard Disks Virtual Disks = ) is used for a long time as an image format for Microsoft 's virtualization software, Virtual PC. This task will continue to meet under Windows 7 Thus uses some of the XP -Mode a 3 GB VHD with a Windows XP SP3. The rechargeable in Windows 7 Professional , Enterprise and Ultimate is a full virtualization , integrated virtualization software that can , other than the default VHD to create and use with XP.

For Windows 7, the VHD format is supported but by far the virtualization system .

VHD for system image:

Virtual disks in the VHD format created Creating Windows 7 also in the full backup of the system ( ' system image '). That was already running Windows Vista with 'Complete PC Backup 'of the case, but it was with Windows on board means possible , to commit these fuse completely. A shop (Mount ) of the VHD, as to extract some specific data, there is not possible. This requires the installation of the software Virtual PC and vostro 1500 battery. For Windows 7, the VHD support is built into the system.

Create virtual hard drives and load:

Disk Management in Windows 7 features in the menu ' Action ' , the new points' virtual disk 'Create and append ' virtual disk '. Attaching means downloading an existing VHD and selecting the virtual hard disk is done in seconds: The content of the VHD is loaded as a new drive appears in Explorer. Creating a new VHD Disk Management is only useful for pure data containers - a bootable or usable VHD as a virtual system is created only through the virtualization software and inspiron 1501 battery.


The loading and unloading of virtual disks in the VHD format can also provide an alternative fully informed of the Kommanozeilen Diskpart.exe tool . The program was expanded accordingly. For example, the command

select vdisk file = '\ \ server \ share \ backup.vhd '

attach vdisk

binds to a VHD on a network server in the system. An appropriate select / command followed by ' Detach ' is the virtual hard disk again. Using Diskpart to deal with VHD images is completely scriptbar .

Virtual boot disk:

VHD images, which were of virtualization in Windows 7 integrable and contain a complete operating system , are also bootable under Windows 7 (which is an important caveat : Do not be created with Virtual PC 2007 VHDs bootable !) .


It then suffices to register the corresponding VHD file to the boot manager. The deterrent , but here indispensable BCD Editor Bcdedit.exe the user makes this simple task in itself as difficult as possible :

bcdedit / copy {current } / d 'Boot VHD '

bcdedit / set { ... } osdevice vhd = [ C:] \ path \ Datei.vhd

bcdedit / set { ... } device vhd = [ C:] \ path \ Datei.vhd

bcdedit / set { ... } on detecthal

In the curly brackets { ... } is exactly three times that 36- digit identifier ID register that returns the Copy command from the first command.

The example shows how the VHD virtual hard drive is integrated into the boot manager. If the VHD then loaded at startup in the middle should break off , the computer must also be prepared by the Sysprep.exe to hardware independence. Sysprep Windows 7 is included by default at% windir % \ System32 \ Sysprep - simply Sysprep.exe , ' select out- of- Box Experience 'and also activate the option ' generalizing '.

VHD support in Windows versions:

The Home versions of Windows 7 virtual hard drives support only in part. The boats will VHDs Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate reserved . The same applies for the integrated virtualization (XP mode). The loading and unloading of VHD images using Disk Manager and Diskpart works! but also in the home versions.

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Your computer and thinkpad x61 battery can do more. Free your system from all ballast , use the space on your hard drive perfectly , and get the last drop of performance out of your hardware.

Windows has become fat! Compared to the first version 3.1 XP and Vista need many times more storage space and resources. This is normal , after all , a Windows today more than its predecessor, and also the users are now significantly more and different demands on an operating system.

Still, Windows has a structural problem. The system accumulates data tombs - from the Registry on the default user account with admin privileges to system folders. In addition, it allows any software, any malware, so almost every data packet so close to their own guts, that a core component can not be distinguished from a foreign component . The consequences are dramatic: obesity, creeping paralysis and vulnerability .

In the following 18 tips can learn how to get your computer fast, before it is too late. In 12 minutes to the new Windows!

Step 1 : Software ballast drop

Installed software occupies space on the hard disk. Once it is started, it costs resources and increases the attack surface for malware. Therefore, you should reduce the installed applications on what is really necessary . The primary point of contact for the weight reduction can be found in the Control Panel applet behind the "Software "(2000 , XP ) or Programs and Features ( Vista).

Here 's a list of what is currently installed on your computer and vgp-bpS5a batttery . In most cases this is too much. Give your system a cure: Highlight any application that you no longer need or use , and click Remove. Do not be too cautious when it comes to weed out applications : programs, which you know not what they do, you should consider as potential candidates fighting .

But check again what they are doing before you remove them. In the other you have to strictly select for benefits. Please also redundant : two functionally equivalent applications consume resources not only double but also frequently argue about the file types ( step 3).

Step 2: eliminate software corpses.

It is possible that applications can not dialogue about the software de - install , because they are broken or the de -installation information was deleted. Usually it helps if you install the software in the same folder , and then , as described in step 1, remove the software dialog. For tools that have been set up using the Windows Installer , it can happen that they are neither new nor let - de - install .

From this tricky situation , you free yourself around with the free Windows Installer Clean -Up. After installation, go to the English- Microsoft tool from the Start menu and select the "Installed Products " list from the stubborn package. After clicking on "Remove "removes Windows Installer Clean Up the Installer configuration software. The program itself is not deleted by this action. but now you have the option of the application without incident to reinstall in the original folder and then remove the software dialogue clean.

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Typical port numbers: Well known and registered Ports

If the port numbers distinguish three groups: well known ( 0-1023 ) ports, registered ports ( 1024-49151 ) and dynamic / private ports ( 49152-65535 ). The Well - known ports include the well-known numbers for popular services such as HTTP, IMAP , POP3 , SMTP , Telnet , FTP , to name a few. TCP and UDP use often but not always the same port numbers, some port numbers are also only one of the two protocols used.


Registered ports are required for certain applications from manufacturers who installed one user. The administration tool for Linux Webmin server on port 10000 is one example. Or SIP to port 5060 ( SIP takes many VoIP services use and is an alternative to the proprietary Skype protocol). Or 3306 is used to access MySQL databases (MySQL a more widespread database that is used especially on Linux systems , and often in conjunction with the scripting language PHP). 8080 and 8008 are also relatively well-known port numbers because they are taken as an alternative to 80 ( if, for example, two Web servers running simultaneously on a system to operate , for example, an Apache and IIS, or an additional web server for testing purposes ).

The port list on your Linux computer and Dell inspiron 1526 battery , see etc / services. In Windows XP, this overview is located at% WINDIR % \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ services .


The dynamic / private ports are assigned to any application to be fixed and used as required . A list of port numbers can be found here with the IANA. How to proceed with open ports , read on the next page .

Ports Close to hedge

This allows a computer to communicate with the Internet , and must therefore necessarily be open some ports . Each open port is a potential conduit for attackers when listening on the port (that is standing ready ) application has a security hole. To get absolute certainty, would conclude all of the ports , but then no internet connection is possible. Ergo , some ports left open. Thus, a rule of thumb : So many ports as necessary and as few as possible open their doors. Concretely, this means that one service , you do not like , simply stops before one attacker exploits to hack into your system.




The users should know what ports are actually up to date on his computer and Dell inspiron 1545 battery ,and listen to what applications accessible to the ports ". Ports for services that are needed , such as emails, for browsing , instant messaging , or because you do file sharing , should at least be monitored. For example, by a sniffer that records when and which data packets departed on what port to which destination or arriving. Wireshark is a suitable tool for this .




Services you need and therefore can not switch off , you should configure as possible , not that of any computer and Dell latitude d620 battery to access is possible, but only from certain computers, for example, only from PCs on your intranet . Under Linux you can access certain services in addition to also control via TCP wrappers ( hosts.allow and hosts.deny ). Also, you should configure your firewall so restrictive as it's at all possible and reasonable. With a firewall you can protect your computer and data packets only after certain requirements - can happen , for example, only certain IP addresses - .


For each operating system , there are some simple tools that you can determine in seconds which ports are open on your system. These tools you should know and use at least one of them regularly to scan your computer or your home or corporate network gateways , before making an attacker.


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As a prudent users of wireless networks, you have probably already set up a password for your network to another to refuse access to your network,it also can can protect your inspiron 1501 battery . However, a password protection alone may not be sufficient.

Take a better encryption method

There are several types of Drahtlosnetzwerkverschlüsselung and there are important differences. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption is probably still the most commonly used method in wireless networks. If you operate with a WEP password protected wireless network, you have already taken a major step towards a secure network.

However, WEP has a big disadvantage. It can be cracked with the right tools, even of not very professional hackers in a few minutes to get access to your network . However, WEP is still better than no protection, since most of the attackers is not the time to have a password cracking program to get access to your network . Secure than WEP , WPA (Wi - Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 standard succession . This encryption method iron the weaknesses of WEP encryption , and thus offer better protection.

Log into your router and find the wireless security settings. There you can choose between encryption types , such as WPA or WPA2. Then create a password and save the changes. After a reboot of the router , you can now safely without major conversion effort surfing.

Data Backups in danger


You know for sure that your data should regularly on an additional hard drive or online store ( backup). Backups should serve unique files such as family pictures in the form of a copy to own even if their hard drive to have even a malfunction. Happy such backups on CDs , DVDs or USB sticks can be realized , but these media are very easy to transport and can be easily stolen.

Encrypt your backup data

Make sure that you use a backup program that allows a Direktverschlüsselung the data or at least you can protect the data and ,Dell inspiron 1525 batterywith a password . If you want to go one step further, you can direct your backups to an external USB hard drive encrypted , how Seagate Maxtor Black Armor . There are also external hard drives with fingerprint recognition, such as Apricorn Aegis Bio or LaCie d2 Safe.

Take an online backup service

You can also use online storage services such as Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive or drop box , or Ubuntu one . In Figure of , you can store 25 GB of data free of charge. This data is protected via a username and password. Unfortunately, copying 25 GB of data over an Internet connection is very time-and resource-intensive. For a small fee you can also use services such as Mozy , which use both an automated and intelligent process of data upload can be regulated so that your backup is always up to date .

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